$5 Off Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue Coupon


When all other tissue offers can give you just $1 off, Scott went out of the way to give you 5 times more savings. Yes, you read it right. That’s a big $5 off for you on your next purchase of Scott Extra Soft bath tissue. Now, you can enjoy a whole box of tissue softness goodness, only from this manufacturer.
The $5 discount coupon is valid for every purchase of 48 rolls of the Scott Mega Roll pack. With the manufacturer offering a whole new kind of softness to its consumers, the promise of quality and softness combined is all yours to keep.
But more than just the best choice to use by the whole family, Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue is also safe for your septic tanks. So no more worrying about clogs! Scott is indeed the best choice for tissue in every shape and form. These long lasting rolls are priced only $34.16, minus the additional $5 discount that you get for using the coupon. So the effective price of the whole set is only $29.16, thus making each roll priced only $0.60!
Get both the coupon and the tissues at Amazon and maximize your savings. This is the best offer that you can get for products belonging to this particular line.

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