50¢ off Nestlé Nesquik Fat Free Chocolate Milk


NESQUIK Ready-to-Drink products are available in many different and delicious flavors. They offer low fat products with 1% milk and fat-free products with fat free milk. If you want to give these products a try, you can start with the 56 fl. oz. Nestlé Nesquik Ready-To-Drink Fat Free Chocolate Milk. This is now offering discount savings of 50¢ off.
Nestlé’s new 100 calorie NESQUIK Chocolate Milk is a tasty portion-controlled drink with fewer calories (40%) than the other low fat flavored milks on the market. This drink is giving families and kids a fun way to turn milk into an attractive, extra nutritious and irresistibly delicious drink. It’s providing extra vitamins and minerals, with each serving containing 40% of the recommended calcium that kids need daily. This milk is available in a resealable bottle that is perfect to drink while on the go.
Get 50¢ off the 56-fl. oz. Nestlé Nesquik Ready-To-Drink Fat Free Chocolate Milk today!

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