Latest Milk Coupons from Hood

hood- coupon

Do you regularly buy Hood products? Then get ready for eight new and very exciting coupons that offer good discounts to buyers. These coupons are available only from the Hood’s official online store. Hood is offering a $0.50 to $1.00 off selected items available from their website. The $0.50 coupon is valid for one Hood Country Creamer and 1 gallon or half gallon of Hood Premium Low Fat Chocolate Milk.

The six other coupons are worth $1, and they are valid for one Hood Harvey Bar, one Hood Greek Frozen Yogurt, two boxes 16 oz or larger Hood Cream Products, one Hood Simply Smart Milk, two 16 oz or larger Hood Cottage Cheese, and two 16 oz or larger Hood Sour Cream.
All these coupons you can download right now from the RedPlum Coupon Corner on Hood’s website. You can even share and send the coupon to your family and friends so they too, can enjoy the same goodness and loads of discounts that you are about to get.
Using all coupons, you get a total of $7 savings – all for practically nothing! All you do is clip the coupon and shop around. Making a lot of savings has now gotten a lot easier, thanks to coupons like these.

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