Rachael Ray Cat and Dog Food Coupons

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You probably already know that Rachael Ray is one of the top celebrity chefs in the modern world. What you might not know is that she also prepares food for our furry friends. Rachael has partnered with Ainsworth Pet Nutrition to come up with dog and cat food that are not only tasty and delicious, but are also highly nutritious.

These products are based on recipes made in Rachael’s own kitchen, so you’re sure that they’re made of the freshest and highest-quality ingredients.

Dog and Cat Food Variants

Rachael Ray offers both dry and wet dog food. The latter has seven variants (including Savory Lamb Stew, Hearty Beef Stew, and Rustic Duck Stew) and are packaged in eight-ounce tubs.

The dry dog food range includes Nutrish (which is made of real meat and doesn’t contain poultry by-products) and DISH (which is made of farm-raised meat and contains real chicken pieces). There’s also Zero Grain (which is free of grains, glutens, and fillers and is ideal for dogs with allergies) and Just 6 (a lamb meal and brown rice recipe made of just six ingredients). Peak, a nutrient-dense dry food made of farm-raised beef or turkey, is also available.

Rachael Ray also has dry food and wet food for cats. Dry cat food comes in two variants: Nutrish (which is primarily made of real meat and fish) and Zero Grain (an excellent choice for cats with allergies). The wet cat food range, on the other hand, has eight variants. These include chicken and salmon, sardine and mackerel, chicken and liver, and chicken and shrimp.

Coupons for Rachael Ray Pet Food

Want to sample Rachael Ray dog and cat food? You’re in luck, since there are many coupons for these products, so you can give them a try without spending too much.

Some of these deals can be found at Target. As of this writing, the popular discount retailer offers several coupons on Rachael Ray pet food, giving shoppers 15 percent off Rachael Ray Zero Grain Cat Food, Nutrish Dry Dog Food, and Nutrish Dry Cat Food. Target also has coupons that offer a 20 percent discount on Rachael Ray Peak Dry Dog Food as well as Wet Dog Food Multipack.

Many printable coupons come from Rachael Ray’s site. There are coupons that slash $4 off a package of Nutrish Zero Grain, Just 6 Dry Food For Dogs, and Nutrish DISH Dry Food For Dogs. There’s also a “Buy 3, Get 1” offer on Nutrish Super Premium Wet Food For Cats as well as a “Buy 2, Get 1” offer on Rachael Ray Wet Food For Dogs and Super Premium Wet Food For Cats.