The Best Movies are Best Watched with U-Verse Movie Coupons

Do you simply love movies and exciting television series? Do you just have to watch the latest releases at the moment the were out? Now, you can easily do so. All you need are coupons from U-verse and you can enjoy all the new movie titles youw want, wherever and whenever.
U-verse is a part of the AT&T group and their current discounted movie offerings include Django Unchained, Dead Man Down, The Host, and Pawn Shop Chronicles. The usual rental prices of these movies from the U-verse website is $5 for regular and $6 for HD. But if you use the coupon code, you enjoy 50% off that price!

So you only have to pay $2.50 for each regular movie you rent and $3 if you prefer the HD version. However, you’ve got to rush out there now as these discounts won’t last forever. Django Unchained is available up to October 24 only. The Dead Man Down coupon will work until October 31 while the Pawn Shop Chronicles and The Host can be rented up to November 5 and November 7, respectively.
To avail of the discount, simply visit the U-verse website and use the corresponding price off codes for each movie. The discount will reflect on your total bill. Here’s a more detailed instruction on how to avail of your discounted U-verse Movie Coupons:

1. Go to the U-verse Online website through and click On Demand.
2. Then click on My Offers
3. Enter the coupon codes you got and click Continue
4. Once you’re ready to watch the movie, click on Redeem Now.

Coupon codes can also be saved into your account so you can use them on your TV for later use. Do check out U-verse’s website for new titles and more exciting movie offerings. Enjoy!

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