Two Exciting Diaper Coupons for Moms

Diaper coupons always spread like wild fire simply because they are a baby’s necessity. Frugal moms looking for ways to save on these essential purchases are sure going to rave about these two coupons that are currently available today.

The Pampers Diaper Coupons

First off, you can save as much as $2.50 from Pampers via the Amazon diaper coupon available from their store. Just sign in and clip the coupon to use it. The discount is applicable for the different Pampers diaper variants like the Swaddlers, Cruisers, Baby Dry, UnderJams, Easy Ups, Extra Protection, and Splashers. These diapers also come in a variety of sizes such as economy packs, giant sizes, and big packs.
The cheapest product listed in the store sells for $17.97, which is the UnderJams Boys diapers Size 7 S/M, 46 count. If you apply the coupon to that product, you’ll pay only $15.47. The product’s list price is only $23.06 so that’s almost $8 savings for you and your baby!

The Luvs Diaper Coupons

The next diaper coupon that is worth checking out at Amazon is the one for Luvs. Luvs offer a $1 discount on two bags or a box of their diaper variants. The coupons are valid for Luvs with Ultra Leakguards Sizes 1 to 6, with counts of 66 to 252.
Buy a box for as low as $21.21. Luvs with Ultra Leakguards Big Pack Size 6, 66 counts, costs a mere $0.32 per piece – even lower if you apply the $1 discount via the coupon. Save more by buying as many packs as you can while the coupon is still available.
Be a brilliant mom with these diaper coupons and enjoy not just great savings but also optimum protection for your little ones. These diapers are known for their quality. You can be assured that these diapers will work as hard as you do in taking care of your little ones.

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